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Thread: atv track advice

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    Default atv track advice

    I have a 2013 Arctic Cat Core 500 and would like some tracks, either Camoplast or Tiger Trax2. Does anyone out there have a 500 w/ tracks? I'd like to know how their overall performance is in deep snow and any pro's or con's you can think of. My primary use will be hunting in the winter, I'll put the tires back on for the summer months.

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    Remember that the tracks take up a ton of HP. A 500 is pretty small to be turning tracks in my opinion. Your top speed will be around 20mph which may be fine depending on what you'll be doing. Power steering is also a very nice feature to have with tracks. They throw up a ton of snow, so you need to wear a waterproof snowsuit to keep dry. It's pretty hard to get a tracked quad stuck as they will go through just about anything but if you do get stuck, a winch is a must. High centering on a log is one way you can get stuck. If you want to travel faster, then a sled is much faster. They both have their pros and cons.

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    I've got a set of Camoplast 4s on a 700 Grizzly.

    The tracks are geared for the size of the machine.

    500 will work fine, as said your top speed will be less. Mine tops out at 40 mph on hard pack.

    Completely different than a sled, I've had both.

    They have good flotation, but like anything, depends on snow conditions. Really light fluffy snow you just go to the bottom and plow thru.

    Pro's are, easy to get unstuck, one machine for winter summer, can pack a lot of weight if needed.

    Con's, cost, poor mileage (5-9mpg), slow (cruise about 20mph), crossing logs.

    For my use, I like them better than my sled. But I'm old and don't travel fast.
    "The older I get, the better I was."

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    +1 for Camoplast.

    All the other info about top speed, fuel consumption, and crossing logs is also spot on.


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