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    Wouldn't a 270 ren be an excellent revolver/lever rifle cartridge? Sure wish some aspiring gunsmith would do this conversion on a revolver, and a rifle. It'd be just like a 22 magnum, only more bullet weight. With hard cast lead bullets, the velocity would be mild enough for small game hunting.

    It would be winter rifle perfection IMO. And with all the craze over the 6.8 spc, you'd sure be able to find some great home defense bullets too. In times of sparse rimfire ammo, this would make a viable rimfire alternative.

    straightwalling 22 hornet cases to accept a 270 caliber bullet is a dandy idea IMO.

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    I believe the 327 Magnum would be a better choice with the available bullets and the fact it is already chambered for pistols. It also allows the use of 32 H&R as well as the S&W cartridges. Put it in a 16.5" barreled trapper styled 92 rifle and possibilities abound.
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    There's a wildcat necking the 357 mag down to 30 caliber. You could rechamber a 327 mag and then wouldn't have the issues of modifying the bolt on a lever action as it would just be a re-barrel from 357 mag.

    The problem with the 270 is no suitable handgun bullets, and really not suitable bullets for a lever action as they are all pointy. You could have custom bullet molds made, but I'd stick with the 30 caliber.
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