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Thread: Trophy rainbows in early July

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    Smile Trophy rainbows in early July

    I know alot of folks are in salmon mode and hustling to get out this weekend, but can someone give me some input for early July rainbows?

    My brother is coming up and he is seriously-hellbent on flying somewhere for a day trip, possibly overnight, for trout. He wants big one's too. Shoot, who doesn't? But anyways, I'm thinking that using our drift boat or 14' cat on the upper Kenai is just as good for this particular time of year, but he just HAS to fly somewhere. He's also paying, so that helps. Since he works for a school district in Oregon, he really can't come back up at any other later timeframe.

    I'm not sure where to fly to folks. So my question is basically this: For this time of year, which I believe is a little early for targeting trophy rainbows, where could a guy fly into for a day/overnight trip, get dropped off and pick up some big trout? Trying to stay within 1 to 1 1/2 hrs flight of Anchorage, Kenai, or the Valley...

    We have access to float tubes, small rafts, fly rods, bait casters, etc... So we'll be prepared and take the appropriate gear for wherever we chose to go. Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated... Thanks for any considerations...

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    Oh man early july is when you can catch throphy rainbows on dries, I'd reccomend going to willow creek resort and talking to them about a secerate creek on the skwetna they will know which one you wanna go to. ALso clear creek out of talkeetna has great grayling and rainbow fishing, you will catch 25 grayling for every rainbow but hey... Also the russian river should not be overlooked, that time period on the kenai might be tough, your best bet would be fishing behind spawning kings in the middle river. I've only ever hooked 2 28+ inch bows in my 10 years of fly fishing and both were on clear creek. As for flyouts maybe brooks river or something like that, sorry I can't be much help there.
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    Might think about Iliamna, the village. Might be early for the major sockeye run therefore trout will be available.

    I have been working hard to target trout on the Kvichak in July and am getting it figured but I am a little further out than you mentioned.

    Hope you find something, I would defiantly check out the north end of Lake Iliamna.



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