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Thread: Arrowhead Outfitters Caribou?

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    Default Arrowhead Outfitters Caribou?

    Anyone ever booked a fly in hunt with them in the brooks range for caribou? Looking for feedback if willing to share.

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    If you search the forums you'll fine plenty of back and forth about Arrowhead Outfitters. I recommend using Google's advanced search features to find anything on this site.

    I flew out with them in 2010 and was successful although we were a little early. From my experience he will put you in some good areas and you'll see some animals. Overall I don't have much to complain about his operation other than his logistics weren't the best. On my trip he scheduled two of his furthest camps to come out on the same day. With an hour flight each way, 7 guys, their gear, 10 caribou, 1 moose and 1 sheep it was not possible to accommodate everyone. He did however charter a beaver (which he expected us to pick up most the tab) from BRA to come in and carry most of the gear and meat. Even with the extra plane, our group made it out while the other group did not.

    His biggest positive is that he seems to work with his clients to make sure they get where they need to be. I've had family go on several trips with him and they've generally had positive experiences.


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