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Thread: So HOW was the Gun Show this Weekend.........????

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    Default So HOW was the Gun Show this Weekend.........????


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    My observations from mid-afternoon on Sunday: Lots of empty tables; most of the occupied tables didn't have any actual guns (a pet peeve of mine); and, there was the fewest number of attendees that I've seen at any gun show in a very long time. I did see a little bit of powder for sale, but don't remember seeing any primers. Also, didn't see any 22LR, either. (I'm sure if there was some, it was snatched up on Saturday.) There were a few AR's for sale, and the prices seem to have mostly come down from the 'panic' prices.

    I went in looking for a good deal on a shotgun, but didn't find one that I couldn't live without. Did happen to make a deal on a lever gun, though. So, for me, it was worth the $5 admission price. Overall though... meh.
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