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Thread: Which rivers in the Brooks have salmon runs?

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    Default Which rivers in the Brooks have salmon runs?

    Putting together a raft trip for 2014 - late july or august....

    considering some rivers in the Brooks Range but having a hard time finding information about which rivers have runs of chum or have populations of sheefish and char.

    Hula Hula and Kobuk River but both seem to have a far amount of outfitter traffic based on the number of websites I run across.....

    Any other rivers with decent fishing in the Brooks?

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    Off the Arctic ocean, I used to catch char right off the shores of Prudhoe. The Johns river has plenty of graying but that is the extent of what I know. Sheefish are huge but where to get them is beyond me. 30 years ago I could have told you but that was long ago. I remember seeing 40 pounders in pictures, from friends
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