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Thread: Kodiak recommendations

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    Default Kodiak recommendations

    Just starting to do some research on a southern Kodiak hunt for two aging hunters next year. Looking for recommendation on lodges and/or ships. Deer would be the primary, goats secondary, bear unlikely. Probably a November hunt. Thanks for any input
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    I have been using Kodiak Charters out of Larsen Bay for the last 5 years. ( You stay at a house in Larsen Bay. Price includes food, lodging, daily drop off and pickup by boat. I always see a lot of deer. No goats close to where I have been hunting but there might be goats further up Uyak Bay I most generally just hunt closer to Larsen Bay. There are bears around but I have not seen a very many while hunting there. Get in touch with me if you want further info. I live at Mile 102 on the Glenn Highway so we could probably meet in Palmer sometime to discuss it if you want.

    Here is a link to a post I did on Trad Gang about my trip this year.


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