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Thread: Fishing Valdez

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    Default Fishing Valdez

    I will be making my first trip to fish Valdez the last week of July. Can't afford a charter so I was planning on fishing the Allison Point area I have read so much about. I would appreciate any advice you could offer to improve my odds.

    In particular I am wondering about, what is the best area of the point to fish? Is fishing significantly better on a high tide? Suggested lures. Does it matter how heavy of line that you use? Can you catch fish that have not started to turn and suitable for eating? Is the fishing better at any particular time of day (such as early or late)? Any chances of catching any silvers at this time of the year?

    Thanks for the advice.

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    Pink and Green pixies. Fish around the high tide. Be careful where you fish there are some closed areas. They are generally posted. Last year there seemed to be a lot of tickets written though.

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    Default State Record Pink...

    Hey Charlie 2 years ago on the point I almost beat the state record pink,the one I weighed in was 11 pounds and that was sitting in the water for about three hours and then it sat in the back of the truck about 45 minutes before we went and weighed it in,that was July 4th weelend down there.
    Then last year same time frame the pinks where not in as thick,I barely broke 40 fish that weekend fishing the tides only.
    The bigger the pixie the bigger the fish I noticedand the best colors I caught them on where the rasberry and gold pixies.Good luck to you down there.Daniel

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    Default pinks

    I am assuming you will be fishing for pinks. I was there the last week in July in 2005 and you couldn't make a cast during incoming tide without catching a pink. i used pixies but eventually broke out a fly rod witha large egg pattern and just watched them hit. Don't know how many I caught but it was great fun on a fly rod. You could just see thousands of pinks riding the tide in. It was amazing just to see. I think you will really enjoy it. when I was there I did not see any silvers though I heard rumors a few being caught. Most of the pinks had started to turn but there were still quite a few that would make good eating if they were processed right away. Also, watch for emergency orders as its possible the limits can be increased that time of year.
    Good Luck!


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