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    Default Back to fishing

    Hi All

    I am new to the site..Couple of years ago my fishing buddy of 25 years got killed and have hardly fished since..
    We went to alaska once and spent some time on the russian and kenai and kisolof rivers had a great time going up Aug 14th to the 22nd to try and rekindle the love of fishing. Are there any other good rivers around there within 75 miles or so worth going too ? . Seems to me it was silvers and sockeye we fished for and am going to the rivers we went to but would like to find different places to. Any of you with some info would help greatly, Maby pm me or other.. I will be by myself..
    Just a thought but any of you with long time fishin buddies..cherish that time..

    Thanx antbot

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    Default What's an antbot?

    I can relate to your misery. My best friend and brother pancaked his cub into the dirt and life has never been the same since. We fished all over the northwest and all of Alaska together. I sure miss that guy.

    75 miles from where? Anchorage or the Kenai? There are lots of places that hold fish. The important thing is to get out and chase those wiley acrobats.

    Give us a bit more info on where you want to start and where you know you will be fishing. You'll get alot of info here. Maybe even find a new paartner for your Alaskan trip. Feel free to PM me when you get a little closer.

    I still use my brother bait caster and "talk" to him all the time.

    Tight lines sometimes go with a tight heart, but it's all good.
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    Love life and live it

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    Thanks BullBuster

    I guess I will leave anchorage afternoon on the 14th..
    And fish from there to homer so I guess 75 miles don't mean nothing
    Sorry to hear of your loss...I guess I realize if my buddy knew I wasn't fishing he would kick my %$%$
    Nice to meet you and any info would help


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    I think I can say that 90+% of my friends are fishermen, and maybe they're friends because we share that same passion in life. You could always throw a line in at the end of the Homer spit too. It's usually fun and steady catching, especially when the tides move. Fish on...
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    Thumbs up August Fishing

    I will be on the penninsula in August. Here are some of the places I like to fish.

    Upper Kenai R. - Rainbows, Reds,
    Russian R. - Reds
    Quartz Creek - Dollys, rainbows
    Middle Kenai (Bings) - Reds
    Lower Kenai (Soldotna - Centennial Park) - Reds & Silvers
    Deep Creek - Silvers, and Halibut
    Ninilchik R. - Silvers
    Anchor R. - Silvers just starting to roll in
    Homer - Halibut & ocean Silvers
    - the fishing hole will have some silvers

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    Thanks for all the info guy's

    I bet I might catch a couple.

    Even a blind hog can find an acorn once in awhile


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