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Thread: Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly Opposes Setnet Ban

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    Default Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly Opposes Setnet Ban

    The Kenai Borough Assembly unanimously supported Resolution 2013-081 last night,

    "A resolution supporting the continuation of setnetting in cook inlet".

    The resolution opposes the proposed initiative to ban setnetting, and states "banning setnets to conserve king salmon is both capricious and unwarranted".

    Apparently the discussion of this resolution was quite interesting. Borough assembly members took note of the link between Connors, Penny, KRSA and the KRSMA AB (Kenai River Special Management Area Advisory Board, which Connors is chair of). The role of a nonprofit "educational" organization like KRSA in lobbying things like the BOF meetings was questioned. Public testimony was overwhelmingly in support of commercial fishing in our area - and from more than just setnetters. Amongst others, Senator Micciche spoke, and challenged the sport fishing community to fight the anti-setnetting initiative.

    Thanks to everyone in the KP community for having a balanced perspective.

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    Does anyone else find it odd that neither the Peninsula Clarion, or any of the Morris Communication outlets covered this KPB resolution? Given the level of publicity of the setnet initiative, and Morris' own highly publicized series on AK Kings, I would think something like this would at least make into the paper somewhere? How many Borough Assembly meetings in which there was heated debate, assertive public testimony by our state Senator, and unanimous assembly agreement on a hot-button issue have gone uncovered?

    It's no secret that the Morris group and the Penney crew are tight, but geeze, this is weird. It makes me wonder what these guy have planned next...


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