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Thread: I need a little help please

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    Default I need a little help please

    This morning I went calling for the first time of the season and picked up a really nice lynx. I'll post story and pics later. But when I got home my wife told me that the lady that baby sits our daughters for us has been having trouble with two lynx taking her chickens. So here is where I need the help. As much as I would love to run a trap line my week on and week off schedule doesn't work well with it, as I'd feel bad about having something in a trap for a week till I got back home. But I do want to set out two or three traps and try to help her out and take those lynx off her property for her. It's close enough to my house my wife can keep an eye on the traps while I'm away. Can someone please help me out and give me some tips on how to get these two cats for her. I can go to town today and get traps/snares but I don't even know what size/kind to get. Any help would be very appreciated. Feel free to pm me or i could even give out my phone number if anyone wants to call.

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    Tony, Trapping for lynx doesn't start on the Kenai Peninsula until Jan. 1st. Don't set out any traps or snares for them! PM sent.

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    I think you just need to sit up there all night with the ol' scattergun again
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    I don't consider myself an experienced trapper by any means, but I have a couple friends that do very well on cats using double snare pens. If you used snares you wouldn't have to check them so often. Just a thought. Nice lynx by the way.

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    #3 coilspring or longspring. Throw some meat in the middle with a couple of traps around it. If you can, make it so the lynx has to move around a bit to get the meat to increase the chance of it stepping on the trap. I.e. suspend in air, freeze and anchor to ground, chop into bits and scatter throughout trap circle. Try to conceal traps just under the surface of snow by digging a bed for them and sprinkling powder over them so they are somewhat flush with the surface. Good luck!


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