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Thread: Fishing in September/Oktober

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    Default Fishing in September/Oktober

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman

    we are looking for some information where can we go in September/Oktober fishing somewhere in Alaska.
    We are from Europe/Germany/Munich and have interest in nice
    not crowded places. We are interested in salmon/trout fishing
    in rivers or lakes.
    Does somebody have some infos it would be very nice. If you
    need some infos about munich/Oktoberfest or so on let us know!!
    We have been in Prince of wales three years before which was
    a wonderfull trip!!

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    Default Kodiak thumbs up...

    Without a doubt I would recommend this as your destination. A book on it is carried in this site's bookstore, and there's even a free chapter to click into.

    Mid-September is perfect timing and the fish will be there with only moderate crowds. This destination can be cost efficent and you can do it self-guided.

    The Emerald Isle is an excellent option and its rivers of life flow just as refreshing and cold as Beck's beer...

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    I'm just considering options for them, but Lake Iliamna seems like it may be a viable option. There are very large rainbow trout there, as well as northern pike and a few other species, and adequate lodging. Being the largest lake in Alaska, there is plenty of sight-seeing also.

    I was in and around Munich in 1998 for Oktoberfest and I fell in love with the area. Bavaria is one of my favorite places on Earth! I was very impressed with all of Deutschland that I saw. The bier calls me back all the time!
    "Wine can of their wits the wise beguile, Make the sage frolic, and the serious smile." - Homer, Odyssey

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    SOutheast and kodiak will have silvers in rivers that time of year.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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