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    Last season i caught a lynx in a cubby, this year i checked out the spot where i caught her and there are even bigger lynx tracks than last year. My question is how many lynx might live in a single area also if the tracks i am seeing this year are bigger might it be a male that was paired up with the female i caught last year in the same territory? Do lynx use the same territory year after year or are they nomadic in which case might it be a cat that moved in after i caught the one last year?

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    A lot of your answers depend on food availability. If rabbits (hares) are thick I don't believe lynx roam far. Same goes for lynx population density, lots of rabbits in lynx habitat = lots of lynx. Lean years and lynx can really roam. Collared lynx moving 100 miles seems no big deal. One in MN moved 400 miles and one relocated from Canada to CO for a reintroduction project eventually traveled 1500 miles back home !
    I don't believe males & females generally travel together. When we see "families" traveling together it is usually the female with her grown up kittens.

    There you have it... my humble observations over the years w/o much scientific reasoning.


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