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Thread: Looking for a small four wheeler

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    Default Looking for a small four wheeler

    I am looking for a small, but full size, four wheeler. I would entertain anything from a 150 to a 300cc. Price needs to be bargain basement. I would appreciate any help.

    Thanks, Jdub

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    Default quad

    Just for the sake of information, you might consider looking around for an older model Suzuki 250 quad runner or 300 king quad. These older machines with shifting gears and a differential lock can do an awful lot of work without having to go to a large machine. I have 2 of the king quads in the last year they used this design (2002) and I love them.
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    Default Suzuki 180

    Ive got an old smaller Suzuki, I think its a 180. Ive had it for 3 years, wife loved it, starts up first push with new battery every time. Newer tires.


    new battery
    new front right brake assembly/bearing (~100 new from AK Suzuki)

    $250 and you pick up.


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