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Thread: Looking for advise on King Fishing

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    Default Looking for advise on King Fishing

    I have lived in alaska for 28yrs and have never caught a king salmon on a rod and reel.

    Don't know how but would like to, to give my kids some king salmon fishing experience. Can any one give me some "where's" and "how to"?

    I live in the Delta Junction area.

    Thanks, so much.


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    Try this link:

    Within that thread there is another link to the bobber-and-bait technique.

    Hope that helps.
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    Default Salcha, Gulkana, Klutina, and Tonsina

    You have ample access to fishing for Kings on Four river systems with-in 120 miles of Delta Junction. Two lend to starting out new the Salcha and Gulkana Rivers would more than likely be your best best for what you are asking.

    Standard Ugly Stick Fishing Med / Heavy Spinning rod with a standard spinning reel 20-25 lbs P-Line or Ande's Line with Corkie, Spin-N-Glow with or without Roe use a tri-swivel with a drop weight.

    Sams had and still might have a King Combo for about $65.00 that will meet your needs.

    Sportsman's Warehouse has the Corkie and Spin-N-Glow set ups with size 6 or 7 hooks pre-tied double or single rigs.

    Kings tend to hold in deeper holes so search them out while bank fishing.

    The Bobber Method works great as well as mentioned in previous post and it saves on losing your tackle.

    Not the most information you can find on the subject but enough to get your started in a good direction.

    Shoot me a P.M if you wish more detail information.

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    Gulkana for sure

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