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Thread: Happy Holidays and Tight Lines

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    Default Happy Holidays and Tight Lines

    Would Like to take the time to thank all forum members who visit this page! Your opinions and comments are valued by many. May you and your families have a wonder T-Day and for those of you who get to spend some quality time fishing as well congrats!

    For all you military members, DOD Civilians and Contractors over seas and at home Thank You for Your Service and if you are deployed I hope you can find some Joy with communication concerning your families and loved ones.


    Richard M. Mousseau
    Blue Moose Rafting.

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I am thinking this may be my best turkey yet - I added bacon!

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    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and thanks for all the help you guys have given me !!
    brad g.
    So Cal, USA
    Visit my Sporting Clays website


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