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    This is my first year baiting Black Bear after a long deployment to Iraq. I am in 20B, very deep in fact with no other stands around. I am near a water source and have placed out plenty of scent and food. I am following the advice of previous successful hunters but with no luck. I had a hit about 2 weeks ago and then another about a week ago. It has been a week since any activity and I am wondering if I should be concerned or just wait it out. Any help from those experienced hunters out there would be very appreciated. I have heard that this particular area doesn't get active until 1st week of June. I don't have enough experience to judge otherwise.

    Thanks in Advance

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    If you haven't already done so, place an attractant high in the trees near your bait. I baited extensively in 20B for a number of years, and some sites are just better than others. Some get hit sooner than other areas. All I had that were slow always picked up after I hung my attractants. I used a heavy wool sock. Fill it with a mixture of anise oil and molasses. Hang it high in a tree, and in a location even the most agressive bear cannot reach. The wool sock allows the molasses to s-l-o-w-l-y ooze and drip. This can be smelled for miles and you will see bears come to it. The sock must be a thick one, or it will ooze too quickly when it gets warm.

    Another suggestion is to make sure your bait is in a natural area where bears feel relatively safe and comfortable to expose themselves. They need a bit of heavy cover to escape into. The bait area can be a bit open, but not too much or they will either just hit and run, or hang just outside visual range if they feel anything is not "right".
    The fact that you have been hit is a good sign, but either the bear was just wandering, or there is another bait closer than you think that has better scents or more secure from the bears perspective than yours.

    One mistake a lot of folks make is to move too much around the bait site. You MUST be stealthy, clean, as oder-free as you can be and "invisible" while on your stand. There may be more bears than you realize around you, but if you are not discipilined and well-concealed on your stand, you will never see a bear. Good luck and hang in there. By the way, what kind of stand did you put at your bait, and how close? The most successful stands I had were built in trees at least 25 yards away from the bait, and we completely camoflauged it with netting. One two stands we couldn't build decent platforms for our chairs, we used ghillie suits and were totally blended in. We were very sucessful once we figured out their patterns and habits.
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