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Thread: POW deer hunt just returned.

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    Default POW deer hunt just returned.

    Well had a really good trip to POW but no deer! Not sure what the story is but I'd say POW is a little over hunted by this time of year. We saw an easy 100 doe's but no bucks. We called, hiked, walked logging roads, and drove hundreds of miles. The island is very nice and people were friendly unlike we had heard. Most of the deer we saw were low and just a dust of snow up high. We hunted around Coffman Cove, Thorne Bay, and 12 Mile Arm. Were we just to late? Any others having success? As of now I'd say the outlying islands and hunting beaches are your best bet if heading down to POW. I've hunted every island in PWS (except Latouche) and it is almost comparable in terrain when hiking. Deer being down this year I decided to try something new. As of now I think Kodiak would be the best bet.

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    We were down there from the 16-21st. Lots of does, several with twins, and we saw 4 bucks and about 35 deer total. We did get one, and learned a lot about the area. We hunted mid Island. Lots of time on logging roads, and the most deer we saw were calling over clear cuts, however it would just get them up and slowly moving away. My 12 year old has the eagle eye, she spotted most of the deer on the trip. The bucks we saw were on the move. The one my dad shot was hot on a doe and heavy in rut. The meat is excellent!

    The snow came down heavy on us during the trip, and the temps were cool. Not sure if the full moon played into the equation as well. We saw an incredible amount of rubs, but as some locals told us, they think the bucks have been getting hammered pretty hard this year. Nice to see so many healthy fawns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerod View Post
    The meat is excellent
    Some of the best meat, I agree :-) Glad to hear you had a great trip Jerry.
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