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Thread: Hill People Gear (Mountain Serape)

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    Default Hill People Gear (Mountain Serape)

    Anybody using one of these, and if so, what do you think? I am thinking about getting one and using it to replace my sleeping bag and maybe some other gear (clothing) for my mountaing hunts. I really like the versitility idea of this, but was hoping to get some opinions from folks that have used one or even used something similar like the Kifaru Woobie or Doobie.

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    Don't have a sarape' but I do have a chest kit bag that I've used a lot in the last 4 years or so. It is good quality and works well on 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, snogo and hunting/fishing/hiking/skiing. I carry my G20 in it a lot along with basic survival gear and snacks. I have given some thought to the sarape' also so I'd be interested in user opinions too.
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