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Thread: Sunday on Kachemak Bay

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    Default Sunday on Kachemak Bay

    Fun photos from today on the water. Limited out with my friend Jane with four nice feeders ranging from 12-18lbs. Fished next to Mr. "Back In Black" and watched his clients load up. Then on the way back ran into Rudy Tatsuda off the end of the Spit and he showed off his catch (can't get photo to upload). What a great day: water was nice, weather not too cold, and wonderful fishing.

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    Great seeing you out there Cliffhanger!!! Here's my contribution for this Sunday!

    Well at least I didn't get skunked! An 8 pounder according to my scale but it didn't even look that big in 5 hours of fishing...and 8 hours of driving, lol. But how can ya complain? Fishing on November 24?!?!? From a kayak?!?! And even get lucky and catch something??? I can't believe it...

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    my Rudy, what a pretty pink reel you have!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by POLE BENDER View Post
    my Rudy, what a pretty pink reel you have!!
    Hey ya gotta problem with that???? "That" being stealing my fiancées reel! I'm using her drysuit too! Lol.

    Just got my drysuit patched and will be sending my avet in for service. But for now, that pink reel has been lucky!!! I'd wear a pink tutu on the water if I thought I'd catch one more king. Definitely a function over form guy. Fortunately I can't think of any reason that dressing oddly increases catches... Thank God!!
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