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Thread: Seward or Valdez for silvers and Buts???

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    Question Seward or Valdez for silvers and Buts???

    If you were going to pick a place to take a small boat and fish salt water for silvers in the end of August would you pick Seward or Valdez and which place may provide some bottom fishing within reach of a 35HP motor?

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    i would pick seward, great silver fishing between lowell point and canes head and you dont need to go that far. also fourth of july creek can produce some good botton fishing just check the cart for anything around 40 fathoms or so thats about 240 feet. there are even shallower spots. just check the charts. if you get into trouble just holler on chanel 16 and there are plenty of us out there who can help in a hurry.

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    Question thanks but more opinions please

    thanks for the input sgtpunisher. surely some others on here have an opinion on this?

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    Default Silvers

    A few years ago, we took our 16' Almar lite w/35 out to Fox Island; 3 of us caught 14 silvers; took all day as we didn't have a clue what to do, but a guy felt sorry for us out there and explained we needed to get our herring down deeper than the torpedo sinkers were doing; we slow trolled the herring behind the divers you use on the Kenai for backtrolling; picture perfect day, flat calm all day, except for the ride in; late afternoon, big, dark clouds coming off the glaciers, we figured we better head in (35 hp is not much with 3 big guys, extra gas, kicker, cooler full of 14 silvers, ice). Found out we could not get the boat on plane, shifted the load all over the place, finally got on plane, but about a mile or so outside the harbor, we just totally came off plane, like someone threw a parachute out behind us; weird, fighting the tide I suppose. Barely made it in before the squall; all that to say, be careful in a small boat, talk to locals about the weather, carry a radio, and no fish is worth your life. I learned a valuable lesson that day, "just one more fish" is not good reasoning.
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    I like Valdez because the fishing for silvers is close by, and we can drop shimp pots. Good bottom fishing may not be in range of a smaller boat.

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    Default Valdez!!!

    There is plenty of high adventure to be had while staying in the Valdez Arm. Would be happy to share a few places I know of. Spent 10 days there last week. Drop me a PM


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    Several years ago our family did Valdez for silvers and my son 12yr at the time caught the biggest fish of the day for the derby. We had a 12 ft alum boat and a 7.5hp motor and just fished the arm and around the tankers. The silvers were jumping and several hit our boat but non jumped aboard.

    I have no experience with Seward.

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    Question Thanks

    Thank you to those who have responded. Anyone else care to share their opinion or experiences?

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    I have fished both places.

    I like Valdez better for coho and halibut. Although we did have to go out a ways for halibut.

    Seward nice cause I get to stay in Hope when I go.

    If I had to pick just one place to go fishing between the 2 I pick....Valdez

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    Best advice to a small boat operator is to go early and come back mid day. The wind always starts to kick up in the afternoon and can make for a rougher than desired ride back. Listen to the weather channel on a VHF radio prior to launching to ensure suitable boating weather.

    I never found a good place to catch halibut within my comfort zone in my old boat out of Seward. I wasn't comfortable taking the family out far enough to get what I would consider good halibut fishing. Now having a bit larger boat I still don't think Seward can compare with Homer's halibut fishing but that's just my opinion. Silvers can be caught close in anywhere if timing is right. Seems like Seward (in close) gets better towards the second half of August.

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    180,000 or so coho return to the wally normberg hatchery in lake bay on esher island just be mindful of comm openers there.

    Butt fishing out there is kinda slow though
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    Default Thanks

    Thanks to those who responded, I think I am going to give Valdez a try. More advice or opinions are welcome as well.



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