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    Anybody try these boots yet? Looking at new boots for sheep and goat hunting. Don't want to get into the whole boot debate, just looking for experiences on these boots.

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    Default Scarpa Liskamm GTX

    I've used Scarpa Inverno (plastics) for several years on numerous hunts. I've always loved them. A few years ago I went on a particularly long (distance) hunt. During the that hunt I developed a nagging knee issue. (not an injury but a real PAIN)... I was convinced it was due to my rigid heavy boots. After that hunt I decided to give a quality leather boot a try.

    I looked at the Scarpa Liskamm GTX and the Lowa Sheep hunter GTX. It really boiled down to a personal preference on my foot. I opted for the Scarpa. I've used them on numerous hikes and one hunt. So far I have no complaints. They are great boots.


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