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Thread: Finally scored a LH Youth Rifle...

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    Default Finally scored a LH Youth Rifle...

    I've been looking forever for my son a LH youth bolt action in something appropriate for an enthusiastic 12yo hunter. Decided Christmas would be the occasion for his very own dedicated hunting stick…just in time for a winter trip to TN in pursuit of whitetails.

    Tried to find a Brown Micro LH… despite being in the current catalog they must have only made a half dozen…they're sold out and don't know when they'll make more.

    Gave some thought to a Ruger Scout in LH…pull the spacers, slap on a Leupold IER…that'll do. I messed around with it…seemed too heavy for what it is. I like Scouts…didn't really think this was it for a kid's first high power.

    Found a Savage…7-08, LH, youth stock, Nikon scope already on it… rifle, three boxes of cartridges and a sling for six bills. Should do nicely. This is my first excursion with a Savage in a long time…I hope their sterling reputation for accuracy holds for this one.
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    We have the exact same gun for my oldest boy when he turned 10. I shot a pile of ammo through it and it was frustrating the heck out of me. Scattered factory corelokt all over the place. I tried a number of others with results from bad to terrible until I finally stuffed some superformance 139GMX down the pipe. Sub 1/2" groups at 100 and the kid hasn't had any issue with them despite being 75lbs of skin on bone when he started with it.
    Congrats on the new purchase, they are a great first rifle in my opinion. Bolt cams over a little stiff and the stock fit is full of gaps but with the right ammo they sure can shoot.

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    I'm sure your young hunter will be pleased as can be.
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