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Thread: ketchikan grouse

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    Default ketchikan grouse

    Coming from Colorado not familiar with what type of grouse species you have. I thinking you call them Spruce, similiar to our dusky or formally called blue. What is season length in the fall?
    How is the hunting for them in the Ketchikan area? Looking at relo and my griff would be in heaven. What is cover like in the forest, how heavy, logging roads etc.

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    Default grouse

    I'm new to Ketchikan too. I don't know the season dates exactly. The spring time is a common timeframe for Grouse hunters. You can use logging roads to move about in some areas. Many wilderness areas don't have that though. You'll be moving through some of the wettest, thickest, steepest country known. The Grouse typically reside in big timber on steep grades. You could pair up a bear grouse combo spring hunt. Throw out some crab and shrimp traps too and your living.

    I have a Springer thats field breed. I don't hunt him up here at all.


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