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    Hi guys. Been on this sight for awhile now, but have never posted. I've got a couple questions, I know will be easy for you guys to answer. I just picked up a Remington 721 30.06 for moose and caribou hunting for $250. It looks to be in pretty nice shape. I have done some research of the serial # and it was built in Oct. of 1956. It did come with a scope(no markings) but the mounts are by Weaver. First off, I want to replace the scope with a newer one and also have a gunsmith check the rifle out and clean it up, as well a mount the new scope. Any suggestions on a reasonably priced scope and what it might cost for the gunsmithing services, assuming there is nothing wrong with it. I'm just trying to get a general idea as I have never taken anything to a gunsmith before. Gunsmith recommendations would also be appreciated. Thanks for your help

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    Well you got yourself a good deal there at $250. Iíd advise donít cheap out on glass, if going cheap you may as well stay with what you have. There is decent glass in the $150 range if you know what your looking at but good name stuff is more around $250 and up.
    The full cleaning, inspect, mount scope and bore sight as a package should be about one shop hour but some will charge it out piece meal so best to ask the shop you pick. For shops forum sponsors Alaska Customs and Wild West are both in Anchorage or take a gander at the directory
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