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Thread: Any .25 WSSM reports?

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    Default Any .25 WSSM reports?

    I have an itch for the .25 WSSM for the same purpose of any .243 through 25-06. I like the idea of versatility from long range coyotes to the 350#ish game in a relatively handy bolt action rifle. I do handload so being practical is not all that important.
    Do any of you have any good field reports on performance, accuracy, etc.?
    Sometimes a guy just needs a new rifle...Thanks.

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    The only 25WSSM I've fired was on an AR-15 platform. Worked well for varmints. I don't see why it wouldn't work just as well for animals up to the size of Mule Deer or Blacktail, making coyotes and wolves unsafe at distances out to about 400 yards.
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