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Thread: Dick Stallman, inventor of the outboard jet, passed away.

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    Default Dick Stallman, inventor of the outboard jet, passed away.

    Dick Stallman, inventor of the outboard jet, passed away last Friday.
    His invention was a major contribution to shallow water boating world-wide and it greatly enhanced access to premium waters and hunter and angler success.
    Our family has had a long and cherished relationship with Stallman, dating back to that first jet trip up the Rogue in 1962 with Grandpa Wooldridge. Dick was always willing to share technical knowledge, discuss new concepts and improvements in products or design or simply lend a friendly ear.
    Dick Stallman was much more than a pioneer in shallow water running, he was a gentleman from the old school. His word was his bond.
    He was a great mentor and a friend.
    I will truly miss him.
    Our heartfelt condolences to his wife, family and friends.
    Glen Wooldridge

    Dick Stallman, 1962, first jet boat trip up the Rogue River (with Grandpa Wooldridge)

    Dick Stallman, Grandpa Glen Wooldridge and Dick's Dad, Ralph, plot boat run.

    Grandpa Glen with Dick Stallman, discuss new Outboard Jet Drive

    Glen with Dick Stallman

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    Prayers for Mr Stallman and his family.
    "I refuse to let the things I can't do stop me from doing the things I can"

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    What a legacy the man left behind. You are a lucky Man Glen for knowing him and learning so much about his passion. We have all Benefited from his creation.


    Burkeshore Marina

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    I didn't know the man but because of his invention, I am able to get to new and unreachable places with my jetboat that only a jetboat can take me. Thank you Mr. Stallman. You are a great man...
    "Fisherman for Life" and "Phantom owner Forever"

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    I agree, what an ambassador more than a salesman, he loved making every river longer!!! It amazes me that no one has really improved upon his original design, its basically still the same. When it works, dont fix it!!!

    I just purchased a new jet directly from the family owned business for my cabin sled and they were a joy to work with!

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    As this year comes to a close, I want to thank all our customers and friends.
    Dick Stallman passed away this year and was a great friend and will truly be missed.
    Here is a story my son Grant found in my Dad's collection.

    Thank you Dick for all you did. Glen

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    Fun read, thanks Glen. I hope you and the rest of the Wooldridge crew have a great 2014!



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