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Thread: Does anyone remember what gun this was?

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    Default Does anyone remember what gun this was?

    A year or more ago someone posted a link to a video on here that showed, if I recall correctly, some newly designed full-auto military rifle. The video was of the designers/manufacturers putting it through its paces. Seems like they were Eastern European or Russian. They would fire the life out of the thing then swap out the barrel in about 5 seconds and go at it again. They were dunking the hot barrels in water showing the water boil around it. It was a bigger caliber as well, not 5.56. Both shoulder and tri-pod fired. I think it was belt-fed, but my memory may be off on that detail. I do remember it was a pretty long video.

    Does anybody remember what gun that was, or better yet have the link to the video? I was referencing it in conversation the other day and can't find either the gun OR the video despite searching everything I know to search. I don't remeber if it was the main focus of the thread or just a post with a link.

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    Iím thinking it was at Heckler and Koch in Germany testing a prototype.
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    It was the HK 121.
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    Thank you gentlemen! I knew someone would come through. All three of you did!


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