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    Default Wolf Prices

    We are looking at getting some wolves back from the tannery soon. Does anyone know what a prime, tanned wolf pelt is going for?

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    Default all depends on.

    The quality of fur, the color, silkiness, etc.

    I am going to go out on a limb and say a LARGE well furred wolf will go for $350-400. That is what I sell most of my raw ones for. The smaller ones are obviously less. Price range I have found to be anywhere from worthless to $400+. I once sold the only "white" I've ever caught for $600 and a really large well furred black for $500, but those are the exception and not the rule. I bet I've probably averaged about $270 for the 70+ wolves I've sold over the years.

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    Default Raw or tanned

    Thanks Northway - are these raw or tanned prices? We have about a dozen and are planning on selling them at local lodges - I just needed to get a feel for prices. We picked up one white wolf this winter but he will stay with me...

    I got a look at my first black wolf last weekend. I brought him in with a varment call - pretty cool, I hope he's around next winter. Sounds like you do pretty well in your neck of the woods. Are you snaring?

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    Default wolves


    I sell all of mine raw. If you have them tanned, that probably cost you about 50-75 a piece, so that should be added on. Assuming you have some large, well furred wolves, I wouldn't hesitate asking $500, especially at the lodges.

    I do well. I can catch them anytime they are around. I am NOT good with snares. I've caught many in snares, but I am much better with traps. I need to take some lessons with the snares. I am very picky where I set and know I don't set enough snares.

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    Kingsalmon go take alook at the airport gift shop there in King Salmon usually they have one hanging around I know here in Dillingham tanned ones sell for no less then $400 and in the lodges the prices seem to go up at leaste over here I have heard of guys plunking down 500-600 for a typical grey in the more upscale lodges
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