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    Hi, I am needing some advice or tips on an issue I ran into the other day. Me and my buddy were out grouse hunting, and as we were walking down the road, we saw a fresh-ish pile of coyote scat. On a whim, I made a squeal out the side of my mouth and not 2 seconds later, I had at least three coyotes howling within 500 yds. of where we were. I went back the next day with my Foxpro at the same time I had heard them and didn't see or hear a single one of them. While I was calling I used a locator first, heard nothing, and used a multitude of distress squeals, and finished off with a challenge bark. I don't know if mixing them up is smart or not, but that is why I am here. Any help would be appreciated.

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    My guess... They searched around for those sounds you put out the first day, found your scent and became educated, then didn't respond to your calls the second time around. They could've been denned up, out away from that area... Who knows there's a lot of different scenarios that could've played out here. If you're looking for tactics in calling techniques, my recommendation, find what works for you and stick with it...

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