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Thread: New to calling, need help!

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    Default Calling routines?

    I would really like to know what people like to use for their calling routines when on the stand. Thanks!

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    Look back for pages and pages and you'll find lots of information on this topic.

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    Are you talking about sounds, time on stand, equipment? I use both an e-call and mouthcalls, they each have their place and time. I'm on stand typically 12 to 15 minutes, unless I hear something howling back at me, then I'll stick around and get them worked up to come on in and expose themselves. Stay silent, play the wind in your favor as best as possible. Make as many stands as you can as quickly and efficiently as you can. Have a system and stick to it. If things are not working, change a variable and keep good field notes of everything you can possibly think of (Temperature, Pressure, Moon Phase, Wind, Tracks seen, Scat Seen, How animals react, What sounds worked, Time it took for animal to respond, rifle used, distance of shot...etc). I keep extensive notes and use them a lot.

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    Yeah, what snowcamo said, and don't be afraid to try different techniques. As for stands, I try a different lengths on stand, 15 min is about as short as I go. I do like to give it a few minutes before I start calling so I can visually reference everything, get an idea of ranges, and be more prepared to spot a lynx that decides to hold up on the edge of the brush.


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