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Thread: peeing in the cold

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    Default peeing in the cold

    Sometimes it just too cold to pee, right? When I launch in the cold, say 25 degrees or less, my outboard won't start peeing right away. I have to go through this routine of starting and stopping the motor until it warms up enough to allow the water to flow through the cooling system.

    I've used a mr. heater and that is okay to warm the outboard shaft, but I am interested to know how you deal with or remedy this cold weather peeing issue or do you just run your motor without worrying about it?

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    Just talking out loud here, but when was the last time you replaced the pump housing and impeller in the shaft?

    They will take a 'set' from use, and that 'set' will become more pronounced in cold water when the impeller refuses to expand in the cold water causing poor to no flow out the exit port.

    If you run in waters where you pick up a lot of debris and silt the effect is even worse.

    Most factory manuals say to do this job either yearly or every other year depending on conditions.

    For a fact I know most of us who even know about this recommended service interval push it way beyond.

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    Default closed loop until thermostat opens ?

    My old Mercury 150 2-stroke did not pee until the thermostat opened which usually took 30 seconds or more.

    It did this regardless of the water or air temperature, it took longer if the water was really cold (like Knik river)

    Are you sure you don't have a thermostatic control that prevents discharge until warm?

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    If its really cold and your block isnt warm enough to ope the stat theres nobreason it should pee. It should have some kind of high heat alarm if it is getting to hot though, you could always replace the thermostats theyre about 10$ and then youll know for sure

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    Just because the little pee hole isn't pissing doesn't mean the engine's not cooling. My Yamahas clog up at the through-cowl fitting regularly. I either run a piece of wire into the outlet to clear it or better yet, disconnect the rubber hose from the through-cowl fitting. The little fitting is a restriction at the end of the rubber hose. If you have any debris go through the line that's usually where it'll clog. So it goes with ice, too. By the way, in cold weather the best way to keep your water pump from freezing is to keep the lower unit in the water. Don't tilt it up when you're parked.


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