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Thread: Lost Boat on Palmer Hayflats

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    Default Lost Boat on Palmer Hayflats

    I was wondering if anyone flying over the Palmer Hayflats spotted a 16' camo flatbottom adrift, beached or partially sunk. I had a near death experience with some mud in Rabbit slough Sunday and had to abandon my boat south of where Wassilla Creek dumps into Rabbit Slough. It was not tied or anchored down very good so if the tide didnt sink it before it started to float it should have broke loose. If your interested the full experience is posted in the waterfowler forum. If anyone happens to see something I would be greatly indepted if you could give me location and if it looks like it can be safely recovered. You can PM me or my cell is below.

    A yellow helicopter hovered over my boat several times but I was a half mile away or so and couldnt get thier attention. If you happen to read this thank you for taking your time to look around for me and come back a few times. I tried to get your attention but a mud coverd dude in camo I imagine is hard to spot.

    Any assistance if greatly appreciated.


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    Scott, saw your post and wanted to wish you luck in finding your boat. Glad you were able to get out okay. I'm not in that area or I would take you up to see if we could find it.

    Good luck.
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    In case anyone is out and about below are the coordinates where I left my boat. Give or take 100 yards.

    Lat: 61.507386
    Lon: -149.430241

    Thanks Troy

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    Heard that they found it.......

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    The boat was found by a couple of troopers flying the area. After locating the boat they landed and secured it, which I thought was pretty **** cool of them to do.

    Does anyone know who may fly a yellow helicopter around the KGB, Wassilla or maybe Anchorage area? I sure would like to thank that guy.


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    Those two are pretty **** cool dudes! We are very fortunate to have them here in Alaska, let's keep them here!!
    Glad to see you and your boat are doing good and thanks for your post..


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