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    I have a Glock model 22 and saw on another forum that you could change calibers on these guns. Just wondering how you do it if you can. If I read the post right he could go from 40 s&w to 9mm or 357 sig. Anybody know of this?

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    Google: Lone Wolf Barrels.......

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    From Wikipedia:

    "One notable feature of the Glock 22, and indeed many modern .40 S&W pistols, is the ability to change the caliber to .357 Sig with a simple barrel swap. This is possible due to the similar operating pressures of both rounds, and the fact that the .357 Sig is based on a .40 S&W case, necked down to accept .355 inch bullets"

    The conversion to 9mm might be possible as well but would probably require a different magazine and weaker spring in addition to the barrel swap.

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    I have a G22 and both 357 Sig Barrels and 9mm barrels. You will need a G17 mag to use the 9mm barrel. I also bought different colored magazine floor plates so I don't mix up calibers.
    All purchased from Lone Wolf. The POI does change a bit to the right IIRC with the 9mm. You don't need to change the spring. The 357 Sig AKA 9mm Magnum is a zippy little cartridge.


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