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Thread: Kenai silvers still running?

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    Default Kenai silvers still running?

    I see in the regs that the Kenai is still open for silvers until the end of the month. Anyone been trying down there lately? Or is the river still flooded? Where's the best stretch of river this time of year? Thanks!

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    Im sure theres a few hanging out in there. Whether or not they are worth catching is another story. A friend fishes down there regularly and hasn't mentioned much silver action but he has been mainly targeting trout/steelies.
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    I caught a chromer while fly fishing for bows right around this time last year.

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    my dad got into a bunch of chromers last weekend

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    I'm pretty sure the upper river closed to silvers on Nov. 1. Not sure about lower parts of the river.

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    Yep upper river is closed but the lower section still open. I heard of guys getting some nice fish in previous years. Made a few casts in a couple of spots around Soldotna with no luck. October has been good fishing in that area but November always seems to bottom out. Don't see it mentioned on here much either. I guess above Sterling is better up close to Skilak? Any walkin spots? Thanks all for your replies!


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