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Thread: Mathews 2014 bows

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    Default Mathews 2014 bows

    Did you guys see the new 2014 bows from Mathews? what a disappointment, they basically reintroduced their 2013 bows as the new 2014 ones with minor changes. Think the phrase, "Catch us if u can" is no longer.....gonna look at a Hoyt.

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    Matthews better step it up, Hoyt's Carbon lineup is passing em up.
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    Chillr could be decent. However, it would be directed for a very small group and its expensive as heck as well.

    My wife has a 24 inch draw. For her to find a bow with a bit of a valley and yet enough speed to spend it out beyond thirty yards she needs a
    bow much like the Chillr. This is for its speed and for assumed valley using draw stops. Will I buy one soon? probably not. But if a 24 inch 50 lb
    Chillr appears in AT Classifieds next fall. Its a better candidate for her because she doesn't like single cam bows and it is fast enough to make the cut. You can be sure that I will not be paying MSRP though. I look to buy bows at less than MAP.



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