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Thread: westside cook inlet?

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    Default westside cook inlet?

    would like a report if any of you guys that fly from big su to balluga are still seeing geese and or any consentrations of ducks this past week. i was thinking about another hunt with this warm spell. we still have migrants comming i think.
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    girdwood, alaska

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    I was out hunting around the mouth of the Big Su last weekend. I saw at least a couple hundred mallards, some on potholes, and more at the mouth of the Theodore. We hunted about an hour, and a buddy got one. It was more of an experiment than anything, and we didn't have any decoys.

    A few years ago I went out when most of the potholes were frozen. We found one that wasn't frozen. It was packed with ducks. We got close to a couple of limits that day. It was late October or early November.


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