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    Default First P&Y Bear

    Well I just got done all processing the bear meat and getting the hide sealed. I just got the measurements from the ADF&G office and it was 18 10/16. And from what I understand 18 is Pope and young. I shot the bear with my longbow and he went about 40 yards and expired. Im pretty tired right now so I will fill in the story later. Pics now story later


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    Skull will likely shrink some before it can be measured by an official P&Y measurer but it'll be above minimums nonetheless! Congratulations on a great black bear and am looking forward to the story.

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    Oh yeah I know it will shrink but it wont shrink 5/8 of an inch. Story coming tomarow im just tired

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    Awesome bear nice bow too!
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Very cool man...

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    Default You'll need a vac...

    for you hide dude...Congrats!!!

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    Okay I guess its story time.

    Well I started scouting out area around April 15th. I went up north around talkeetna and drove all the way to homer. Thats a loooong ways I think somewhere around 300+ miles one way. But Since I am from Anchorage, Its only 220 miles to homer and 125 miles to Talkeetna.

    To my surprize, the only bear activity that I found was in my old bear hunting spot. So once again I embarked on the 3 mile trip to the "bear hunting grounds"

    Anyways the very first day. I saw 3 bears. None of which would have gone over 220 lbs. I was really holding out for a P&Y bear or a solid male over 250. I let my bait sit out for over a week and came back to an empty barrel. That really surprized me because they had just got done hibernating and they usueally dont eat 10lbs of food in a day and for that fact 112lbs of dogfood + bacon oil dripped over it.... From that moment on I knew that I had a LOT of bear activity.

    Well I hunted as much as I could afford to ( about 3 times a week ) for about a month strait when this guy showed up to my barrel. I was just sitting in my treestand watching a pine martin eating some of the refill popcorn I brough when he all of a sudden looked up jumped on a log and bolted out of there. I knew there was a bear coming my way for sure. Sure enough I see a bear about 40 yards away. Just a glipse of shiny black fur creeping up to the barrel. Well it gets to the barrel and I watch it smell the wind for a minute. The wind was directly from mee to him and he took off like a bat out of you know where. I was kicking myself in the butt for not changing trees like I was planning on... But I took the slacker rout and jsut went up the same tree and set up in an easy only average spot. Right then I spotted a big black bear right upwind of where the little bear was. It was coming across the creek that is to the left of my stand. He did not act like there was anything for him to worry about. He marched right up to the barrel and started munching on the popcorn. I decided that he was a nice bear of about 250 lbs... But boy did he have a good sized noggin on him. So once I saw for sure he was a male. I stood up and carefully grabbed an arrow out of my quiver. I just concentrated on a spot then another spot inside that spot and just drilled that spot into my mind. I could almost see a little red dot right where that arrow was going. Before I knew it, I had hit anchor and immediatly dropped the string. Perfect shot from what I could see.... But what I diddnt like was my arrow was still sticking out of the bear. But before I could be worried about it. The bear died only 40 maybee 45 yards away from where I shot it. The big snuffer did its job nicley. I was hard pressed to stay in the stand for more than 15 minutes but I knew it was better to be safe than sorry. He did not twitch once which made me feel much better as I was climbing down the tree. My dad met up with me and we checked on the bear. He was deader than a doornail and we knew we had a full days well actually nights work ahead of us. It took us a LOOOONG time probably 7 or 8 hours of cleaning and packing back all the bear.

    The only thing we left in the woods was the gutpile. Nothing else went to waste. My puppy enjoyes all the fat scraps that I baked at 250 for many hours as well as the bones. Every inch of meat went to good use and I am proud of that.

    Oh yeah the equipment used with the bow Steve H. built for me and gave to me for my birthday. And the same old heavy as lead laminated birch arrows tipped with a charlie lamb style sharpened snuffer.

    One more thing. Upon further review we found that the pyramid tip did not slide around the rib. It blastes right through it and stuck into the opposite leg bone. It was a quartering away shot. I got both lungs and cut some arteries away from the heart. I dont know what arteries I had hit. But there was a few that were totally lopped off.

    okay guys thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoyed it.


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