I am down in Gresham at Teeny Inc chatting with Jim about some wonderful Dry Bags he has form Fish Age they are duffle style and Large perfect for Float fishing or Float Hunting as well as Wader Bags. As stated not trying to sell anything just passing on a great product at a good deal. Jim has agreed to hook up All Outdoor Forum Members with a One Time Good Deal on them. I my-self have taken toooooo Many but they fit the applicable for what I do. Visit www.jimteeny.com or email info@jimteeny.com 20% off can't list the price I would be selling something.

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Dean If you're looking call my cell 907-978-3972.


again not trying to advertise just mentioning a product at an outstanding price point for those looking for this type of application.

Richard Mousseau
Blue Moose Rafting