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Thread: Nmea and engine interface sensors?

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    Question Nmea and engine interface sensors?

    Just out of curiosity is this system of sensors really worth the bucks? I'd like some input on this inquiry either way pro or con so I can digest it.

    BTW my boat is off the jig as of 24 October and I do believe we'll meet The Boat Shop guys in Bellingham on 6 December. I'll fly down and go up on the ferry with the boat. Sounds silly but I'm real excited to do this, kinda like a little kid at Christmas time.

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    I have the Mercury Smart Craft set up on my boat and it really is pretty cool.
    Once I get a new GPS I'll be able to interface it and get GPH and fuel mileage as well as all of the other system info I already have available.
    I even have hte ability to read engine diagnostic codes with the system which will help if a sensor or some other issue comes up.

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    I have the full interface for my Yamahas and love it. It's displays engine data on my Garmin 740S. I'd say it's very much worth the money.
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    Mine has more than paid for itself in fuel savings alone. it is amazing how fuel usage can change with very little changes in throttle and speed. Mine also gives range and updates with use, again priceless data to have when you need it.
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