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    Hi all,Found a solution to not being able to hear or
    be heard in my jet boat and tracked Argo with the
    top on.I use hearing aids and that makes it that much harder,I just bought a used portable 4 place
    aviation intercom system and 3 headsets,I already
    had one headset.I just tried it out in the Argo and it works awesome ! The one I got has a main unit and a remote unit for the passengers.This is a great way to save your hearing as well as be able to carry on a conversation and keeps the noise induced stress down on those long runs.

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    where did you get them, what brand, etc. interested in something like that for the airboat, but the ones suggested by many cost way more then i am willing to spend. Bud

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    I got my system off eBay and I have a flightcom system.I paid 100 bucks for it ,I picked up the extra headsets from eBay as well for about 50 bucks each.this is way cheaper than any of the race or offroad systems and is small light and portable.

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    Sounds like your hearing aids are performing as they should...I have them too...they have circuitry that shuts hearing off in the presence of noise over a certain decibel level. Mine have a noisy environment setting that helps a lot in restaurants, stores, football games etc. but they still shut off when something like a screaming jetboat engine is running. Great solution with the aviation intercom system; perhaps there are less sophisticed and less expensive similar systems on the market...


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