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Thread: Marine Outfall Septic

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    Default Marine Outfall Septic

    Anyone have experience with one of these? One of the covenants when we bought our property is that we install a marine outfall septic if we plan to put any type of system in. Ive toyed with just putting a composting toilet in, but the more I hear about them the more I think I want a septic. The install requirements from DEC seem to be pretty easy to follow but Im not sure as to the type of maintenance to expect from the system. No leach field to plug up is a good pro, but what are the chances that I am going to need to pump a 1000 gallon tank if the cabin isnt used on a daily basis?

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    I don't have any experience, but am interested in the same information. I do know that if you don't use a septic system on a regular basis that can also cause problems, like freezing.


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