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    OK I've got to ask. Since I read it on the internet it must be true and this site is full of the most knolageable people in Alaska so you all would know.
    I had some halibut cheeks and thought I would look up the best way to cook them when I came across a site where people claimed to eat butt tong. I'm not new to Alaska or Halibut but I have never heard of eating halibut tong but I also didn't believe in the man from outer space till I saw it on the net. So as any of the smart forum members out there heard of eating fish tong. someone on the same forum claimed to eat salmon cheeks but i find that hard to stomach as well or at least it seams like a lot of work for vary little in return.

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    If you mean halibut "tongue" rather than tong, I wouldn't be surprised at all. Cod tongue is a delicacy in Scandinavia, and in fact some of the processing plants here in AK cut cod tongues to feed that market. I've tried them, and they're fine. But it takes quite a few to make a meal. With halibut I bet the biggest challenge would be coming up with enough for a meal, considering the 2-fish limit.

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    Eating Butt Tong ---> ?? Me thinks you typed in the wrong URL - or you got a virus from visiting those "kinds" of sites.........EWWW.


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