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    I'll be taking delivery shortly on a 27 foot Kingfisher with twin Yamaha outboards. I've run boats in the past with single I/O's and OB's, but never twins. Is there anything specific I should know? How careful do I have to be about sync'ing RPM's, etc. at speed? Any pitfalls?

    I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I wasn't able to find anything specific in the forums.


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    hi healer...congrats on the new boat!!....I switched to twins a few years ago and didn't really notice anything real different than what I had been used to!..same as you I was alittle worried about the whole thing??...but--they seem to act as one anyway when throttled together! far as rpm syncing, nothing really important as far as I know!....I have run manual sync and computer sync with the etecs, the comp does a better job but for something to really worry about I don't think so!( if that statement is wrong someone please tell me??) will get a feel for it!!, as far as using the twins to turn on the spot--one throttle forward, one back, that all depends on the boat and how far apart the engines are, and how much wind is pushing on the boat??...that is a whole different "can o worms!"!...but--that too will come will practice!....I would say for the first while just think you are running as one engine---you will see--its easy!! larry

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    Where are you running your boat at and Congrats on the new ride.
    It's easy, just switched to twins myself this spring. Keep 'em at the same RPM is all we do.
    I like the ability to kick one motor up and out of the water when entering new coves or unknown areas to protect one motor. Another benefit is idling around trolling or sightseeing, just run one motor. Alternate days running one motor to keep the hours close to the same.
    PS-Pics when you get her home are recommended!

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    Thanks for the responses Gents! Very reassuring. I'll definitely get some pic's on the forum when I get her home. This is the culmination of a very, very long dream. I'll be trailering out of Anchorage as we like to go out of Whittier, Seward, Homer, etc - where ever the fish are! We tend to do a lot of poking around bays and inlets, as well as fishing for rock fish. Lifting one engine out of the water to protect it from, er, navigation errors is a great idea.


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