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Thread: Trapping around Healy

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    Default Trapping around Healy

    I'm new to the area and was wondering if anyone might know of some areas around the general Healy area that may not be being trapped. Don't want to get in anyone's way but don't want to wait around two years to find a place. I'm not afraid to work to get to remote areas as I know the easy access is probably already accounted for. Not expecting anyone to give an exact location just vacinity or even someone I may be able to contact for more information. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    If you head due East from the inoperative power plant, stay on the main trail after the road ends, and you'll see a virtual sea of signs from a trapper that is letting all know that he's trapping there and has for quite some time. I had a picture of his sign (including his name & phone number) but can't find it at present. But surely he'd know who's trapping where in that are; and maybe he'll tell you. I don't know'm.

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    pretty busy area, i spent a good part of last winter, helping a friend try to set up a new line for him self, just north of healy.. lots of older guys trapping from all access points , remember there is that great big park right next door that limits the actual country a person can actually access.

    i trap about 30 miles north and in the Ferry side also.. some years its quite some it hectic as all hell.. fur has been on a LOW the last few year,
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    Can't send you a PM, but if you want to give me a call (907-232-5531), I can give you a name and number of a guy that traps up there with a buddy of mine.


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