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Thread: Predator hunting

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    Default Predator hunting

    Where at should I go within an hour of wasilla? I have a .223 and no wheeler or snow machine. Obviously not looking for your secret spot but for a general area. Thanks.

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    Within an hour of Wasilla you'll likely have plenty of competition and reasonably educated predators unless you're willing to walk a ways off the road. I've taken coyote within an hour of Wasilla, but that was when I walked more than an hour off the road through snow before I started calling. It's not that you can't find success within your range, but if you extend it out a bit or walk further off the road in areas without trails, you'll likely have a better chance of success. As for me, I generally aim for 2-3 hours out of town, though that does limit how often I go.

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    Do some research and find some land that looks accessible within your limits. Keep in mind if something were to go wrong, would you be capable of handling the situation. Winter can be a fantastic time of year as well as sketchy as all hell. I agree with Brian though... Find some areas off the beaten path and try your luck! This is my last year up here and I'm going to try some new tricks in brand new areas... We'll see how it goes. Best of luck.


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