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Thread: Favorite Climbing Treestand?

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    Default Favorite Climbing Treestand?

    I am looking to purchase a climbing treestand (maybe two) for next spring. In the past, I borrowed a friends Summit Viper SD and I liked it a lot. I have never used any other type of climbing stand though so I have nothing to compare it to. Recently, I have been researching stands and came across Treewalker Treestands. So many people on the forums are saying Summits are the best on the market. But, when I have found reviews from people who have used both the Treewalker and a Summit and all of them say the Treewalkers are superior. Does anyone have Alaskan experience with Treewalkers? It doesn't appear that they are sold locally and Treewalker Treestands does not participate in the Sportsman's show. So it would have to be an online order with extra shipping costs. Any complaints about the Summit? Any other brand of climbing stand you would recommend? Also, does anyone have a used climber in good condition they would like to sell or trade?


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    Default tree lounge, if you can find a used one

    I've got one of the original ones with every option they made. Its really quite fancy, yet still utilitarian.

    I'm a bit afraid of heights, so this one is perfect for me, since you're always enclosed within its frame, even while climbing. Comfy enough to sleep in, or even change your clothes.

    Let me see if I can remember all the options I got with it:
    - wheels & axle, which converts climbing stand into a game cart
    - arctic snuggle, where every piece of touchable metal and the entire chair area are padded
    - camo pillow with its tie on straps
    - camo under bag clips onto/under the frame for lots of gear & P cup
    - optional deck to stand erect on while bow hunting
    - bow rack/holder
    - rifle rack/holder
    - featherweight roof (rainproof sorta) with camo walls

    I like that its the safest on the market (was I guess, oops), strong as heck - their ad used to show a 350 pound dude in it, and very utilitarian. Range of shooting is about 320 degrees with rifle and maybe 300 degrees with bow, so they can't come up behind you.

    I guess they outsourced to china before they went under and the quality of those units was in question, so buyer beware.

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    I bought a Summit used this year(they were sued out of business twice due to safety issues). I hate climbing stands but, if you don't always hunt in the same place they offer great mobility.
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    Used a lot of different climbing stands.. but always come back to the Summit Viper. Very comfortable/user friendly stand IMO.

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    Ole Man stands are very good stands. I have been using one for 25 years and I also weigh around 300 lbs. They are safe and comfortable with the sliding mesh seat. You can face the tree or face away from the tree also. They have a adjustable shooting rail that turns down into a foot rest for bow hunters. They include straps to back pack them with and are of very good quality.

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    Buckshot climbing tree stand

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    Yes, this is an OLD thread, but I like to recycle old things, than start a new one. Question: I like the look of most climbing stands much more than most hung stands, however I would like to leave the climbing stand UP in the tree and run down a small ladder/tree steps like how you access a hung stand. Is there any issues with that??

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    I have used the Tree Lounge, It is very comfortable for long days in the air. It can have tires attached and pulled into the stand site. Or used as a haul out vehicle.

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