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    I just picked up some line from a sale bin. Does anyone have any experience with the Airflo Ridge Clear Tactical (WF5)? Is it worth replacing my Orvis Hydros line? Thanks.


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    Not in my book. I didn't like the taper in the least. In my opinion, it was in the sale bin for a good reason.

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    Great lines, depending on what you like in a line. I like the clear delta taper better than the tactical taper, but some find a 46' head a little unwieldy. The 39' head (31' belly/forward taper) of the tactical taper turns over well but feels a little "clunky" to me - hence my preference for the loooong front taper of the delta.

    The clear lines RULE for low/clear and stillwater conditions, but be forewarned that the clear lines are stretchier than most airflo lines due to their mono cores. The other thing that takes a little getting used to is the "gummy" texture of clear lines, and the fact that advanced casters will notice a slight "hitch" when shooting line - this is caused by the soft coating compressing and deforming against the guides. All of these negatives pale against the fact that the airflo ridge clear lines are AWESOME for pressured trout or skinny-water steelhead.

    A shot of the super-stealthy AirFlo Ridge Clear Delta in action -

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    Well as Mark has stated the good with the bad IMO he is spot on. I would also add that it seems to hold memory and doesn't float as well. But with that being said I haven't had issues with fish seeing the line. It does take some getting used to, but can be beneficial. One thing about casting I don't have any issue with casting any distance with it.


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