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Thread: Nushagak River??

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    Smile Nushagak River??

    I have the chance to fish the Nushagak the end of june I was wondering what advice anyone has and I have the opportunity to purchase riverfront property.Can you drive or is it fly in only Thanks for your help Mike

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    You can fly in only or drive a boat up the river from a village on it
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.

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    Default where on the nush?

    all travel is by plane or boat/snowmachine.depending on where the property is one would fly into one of the 4 villages or with own float plane.end of june is prime king fishing with some of the best in the state.i live on the lower end at portage creek and run a boat rental and camping site.if you would like more info would be glad to can e-me through my website.Chris

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    Default Nushagak ?

    What should a person use to bank fish the Nush for Kings in June? Are Reds, Chums, Grayling available? Dan

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    Default All species!

    Chris is the man to see, and he can help you out. Many years ago he saved my butt, literally, when I was on a spring caribou hunt up Andrews Creek and got the runs. My buddies sno-goed down to Chris' place and got me some Pepto Bismol to ease my outhouse suffering!

    There are all species in the Nush, with the exception of lake trout (I'm pretty sure) though the Tikchiks, which feed into the Nush, have lakers. Pike are in the sloughs, grayling, dollies and rainbows in the main river. Silvers, chums and kings can be taken from the shore or boat. Never heard of anyone force feeding reds, but that's not really ethical sports fishing anyway, right?

    The Nush is tidal up to above Portage Creek, so you'll have to sports fish above there.

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    Default Nushagak

    I have a buddy that guides the Nush. His name is Bill Swan from Washington. If you see him up there say howdy from Mike at KoneZone. From what I have heard is there is a great spinner bite up there. Good luck!


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