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Thread: one last duck hunt!

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    well today was a great day for me but is going too limit my time to zero as I had my first child today. I have to get one last duck hunt in and have not been to successful to date this year. I have been going out to kgb refuge for the season and have seen lots of birds and have plenty of decs just no one to help haul them. dunno if someone on here wouldn't mind going with or takeing me with one day before the birds quit flying that has a good deal of knowledge as I only have a couple solo years myself. I would love to have a nice end to my season and maybe the best trip ever and would love to learn more about it now as I cant wait for my lil girl to join me in the near future. I have a prop boat, canoes, wheeler just needs registered, and a big four by that could all be useful. in the end either way my season will end nicely now.

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    Instead of going out KGB, try cottonwood creek with your wheeler. You can haul your deks out and get some pretty good hunting there. Stay on the trail and avode getting stuck. Bud


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